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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Wholesale Indonesian Raw Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts

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Type : Cashew Nut

Processing Type : Raw

Style : Dried

Moisture : 10%

Nut Count : 180-200/Kg

Color : Natural Color

Additional Information:
Packaging : 80 Kgs / Jute Bag
MOQ : 18 Metric Ton
Supply Ability: 4 x 40'FCL or 100 Ton /Month
20"FCL: +/- 18 Metric Tons (225 Gunny Bags)
40"FCL: +/- 27 Metric Tons (338 Gunny Bags)
Port of Loading : Tanjung Perak Port
Place of Origin : Surabaya, Indonesia
HS Code of Betel Nuts:
Payment Terms: T/T, LC


Raw cashew nut (also known as RCN, raw cashew nut) is the name for the nut of the cashew fruit. Cashews are 88% fruity and only 12% raw cashews. So for every 8-10 tons of cashews produced, we will get about 1 ton of raw cashews. Raw cashew nuts contain 33% cashew seeds and 67% cashew shells. Generally in cashew production, 1 ton of raw cashew can be processed into 250-300 kg cashew kernel and 700-750 kg cashew shell. Previously, the Indonesian cashew industry only used raw cashew nuts (RCN) and cashew nut kernels as commodities, while cashew nut shells were considered waste. But today, cashew shells are used to produce CNSL Cashew Shale Oil (CNSL), a raw material used in other industries, opening up a multi-million dollar market.

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