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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Best quality sliced areca nut Indonesia

Sliced Betel Nuts

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Style : Dried, Polished

Moisture : 3%

Grade : A

Shape : Sliced

Thickness : -2mm

Color : Natural Brown

Additional Information:
Packaging : 50-60 Kgs / Gunny Bag
MOQ : 18 Metric Ton
Supply Ability: 4 x 40'FCL or 100 Ton /Month
20"FCL: +/- 18 Metric Tons (300 Gunny Bags)
40"FCL: +/- 27 Metric Tons (450 Gunny Bags)
Port of Loading : Talang Duku Port
Place of Origin : Jambi, Indonesia
HS Code of Betel Nuts:
Payment Terms: T/T, LC

Slice Betel nut 1 Slice Betel nut 1
Areca nut in general is usually chewed by at least 10% of the world's population and is the fourth most popular addictive substance. Users find that it is more relaxing to the digestive system and is a stimulant, and its use plays an important role in social situations.
Slice Betel nut 1 Slice Betel nut 1 Slice Betel nut 1
Our company offers hygienically processed fresh/dry vegetables and herbs. As a result, our vegetables and herbs retain their sun-baked taste. Our company produces the highest quality products for your customers and markets. Our products are available in consumer bags and bulk bags according to customer requirements. With healthy vegetables and herbs, life can be healthier and greener!.
Slice Betel nut 1 Slice Betel nut 1 Slice Betel nut 1
We can provide any sample, but according to our company policy, the buyer should pay for the sample according to the size you need, and we will arrange delivery by DHL. After you order from us, we will deduct the sample fee from your payment.
If you have any questions please email me or whatsapp. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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